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Are you ready to hoop?

Learn tricks, get fit, have fun and boost mental health. 

What's not to like?

Come get your hoop on  with Penny Farthing's Hoop School


Penny Farthing

"I love to hoop. It's as simple as that. I loved it from the first time i picked up a hoop as an adult, at a gym, nearly 10 years ago. After having my children I started to hoop again about 7 years ago, mostly to regain my core strength after more abdominal surgery than i care to remember.

Then I started to wonder if there was more to hooping than just spinning it around my waist with a cumbersome, heavy hoop. Turns out there is a whole world of awesome hooping out there and it is now my mission to bring this to others and hope they find as much fun in it as I do.

Now I teach people of all ages to hula hoop at my regular classes, as well as teaching private 1:1's, workplace classes, team building sessions, parties, festivals, you name it, I will hoop just about anywhere!

I also offer Hula Hoop performance to suit your venue and theme, including LED hoops and Fire Hoop and have performed at places like Harlequin Fayre, Neon Moon Burlesque and Cabaret Club and CyberSWhoop.

Not satisfied with hoops on the ground? I also perform on the aerial hoop, including my new addition of Hula Hoops within an Aerial Hoop!


Come get your hoop on!