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Penny Farthing's
Hoop School

Performance, workshops and regular classes

Hula Hoop, AERIAL hOOP, aErial sling, chair dance & Children's yoga


Penny Farthing

"I started hula hooping for fun and fitness around 9 years ago and I just found so much joy in moving my body with a hoop! Before long I started to pick up other circus and performance arts like aerial and chair dance and in 2018 officially started teaching. 

Since then I have made it my mission to bring the joy I get from this to as many people as possible and now teach regular hula hoop and aerial hoop classes both in person in Cambridgeshire and online. In addition to this I have built up my performance acts in aerial hoop, hula hoop and chair dance, including two acts that combine hula hooping with aerial hoop or with chair dance. I have taught and performed around the world but some of my favourites are definitely performing on stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2022 and teaching fellow perfomers and flow artists at SWhoop in the same year.

I bring all these things to any venue, from schools to hen parties, festivals to cabaret clubs and even teach some silly children and families yoga too, I'd love to bring them to you, so why not message me and see how we can work together."


Come get your hoop on!

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